Introducing DJ Natti

Cape Town to Aspen....

My journey has not been a short and narrow one to get into music. I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa and Immigrated to the United States ultimately ending up in Aspen, Colorado. It has been an adventurous yet humbling journey becoming what I believe I was meant to do. Starting from orthopedic surgery as a physician assistant, I found that my only escape and coping mechanism from the stress of the day was music. My love for the art became so strong that I quit a career I worked over 8 years to become, to establish what I really wanted. This included mixing, making, and performing music. I play the piano and sing, however I fundamentally DJ, however I produce and perform on the side. 

I play a variety of music and I do not like to limit myself into identifying as just one genre. I do however find a lot of inspiration from genres including latin/afro/disco/tech house, dance, and blues. I have been writing music my entire life and I have absolutely loved my transition to the DJ world.

I have played at venues all over Aspen including The W, Sterling, Pony Boy, Gala, Snowlodge, Aspen Art Museum, Mi Chola, Aspen Mountin, and Multiple parts of Mexico.

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